Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day Eight: Mon. Aug. 4/08

Manitoba Pioneer Camp "Classic Boys One". I was co-Section Head for the 5 Intermediate (age 10 - 12) cabins along with Klik.

I don't have any pix specifically from this day and so here I'll feature those from the Prince Caspian skits (and Table Talks) that followed each breakfast. However, this was "Backwards Day" (or "Arbitrarily Mixed-Up Day") and so Breakfast was the last meal of the day. (Starting the day with Sloppy Joes was an interesting experience.)

The Pevensies returning to school after the hols.

Telmarine soldiers chase Caspian

Caspian meets Old Narnians:
Nick-a-"Buck", Patterwig and Glenstorm the Centaur

Trumpkin leads the way.

Edmund has become hairier!

Why is this mouse (foreground) taller than Aslan (background)?

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