Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day Eleven: Thu. Aug. 7/08

Manitoba Pioneer Camp "Classic Boys One". I was co-Section Head for the 5 Intermediate (age 10 - 12) cabins along with Klik.

What woke me up that morning.
Banquet: Old Narnian Theme

Some kind of flying beast

"You'd think people would recognize a badger when they saw one."

Princess Elijah

Pumba the Wood God

I was a Narnian Elephant.

Spoon-hanging Elephant

The Faun-z (I'm being satirical.)

Photo from AJ Shymkiw

Photo from AJ Shymkiw

Scoobs is ... autumn!

The LITs were going to lose their snack, if they didn't arrive there as a group.

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